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Set up basketball hoops for indoor and outdoor play

When the weather is warm enough to enjoy outdoor play, you want to find activities that get you moving. Get into shape and let off some steam by playing basketball. Sears has all the basketball equipment and supplies you need. Basketball hoops can be portable or stationary, depending on your needs. Finding the perfect net is fun and easy, so that you have more time to spend playing the game with friends and family.

The first step in finding the perfect basketball hoop is deciding whether or not you want a portable or stationary hoop. If you've got a large space for a basketball court in your driveway without getting in the way of cars, set up a permanent hoop. Stationary hoops are great for advanced players and beginners. They often are adjustable heights and have sturdy steel bases. With a sturdy hoop and a reliable basketball net, you'll be ready to play. If you want the ability to move your hoop from the front to the backyard or store it away for the winter season, a portable hoop is your best bet. Sears offers a wide variety of portable hoops that are easy to set up. Just fill the base with water or sand and play. You can easily move a portable basketball around by emptying the base or attaching wheels.

Choosing a backboard can be a challenge. There are many different materials that are good for different uses and stages of the game. One of the strongest basketball backboards you can buy is polycarbonate. They stand up to tough weather and basketballs year in and year out. Polycarbonate is durable, but it can also be an expensive option. If you're a serious player and can make the investment, then consider polycarbonate. Acrylic backboards are designed for the casual or youth player and is considerably less expensive than polycarbonate.

Over the years, your basketball rim can become beaten and battered. Look to Sears for reliable replacement rims. The constant dunking can bend the rim and even if yours hasn't broken it may be smart to have a backup just in case. Stay in shape for basketball, even in the off season with football and soccer field accessories. When you get back on the court, you'll be playing like an old pro.

If basketball is your game, you'll need backboards, rims and other equipment and accessories from the most dependable companies in the industry. Head to Sears for a huge selection of basketball supplies.



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