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Electronic pets make fun companions for kids

Pets come in many forms, from dogs, cats and rabbits to electronic types that offer all the fun with none of the mess. Sears makes it easy to find the perfect companion for your children whether they want electronic versions of their cute and cuddly counterparts or otherworldly pets. Now your child can have something to take care of even if the pet beeps instead of barks. We have a wide range of hassle-free electronic pets kids will love.

Along with giving a wealth of tablet accessories to complement a child-size tablet, give your kids even more fun in the form of robotic pets that never die. FURBY was one of the original electronic pets, and this colorful, Furbish-speaking toy is still around. Zhu Zhu pets are also favorites among kids, and it is easy to see why. With minds of their own, these delightful electronic hamsters chirp and zoom around the home. Shop Zhu Zhus individually or buy an entire set. For the child who has always wanted a pet goldfish, give him some practice first with our animated clown fish complete with a glass bowl. This is one pet you never have to feed or clean up behind.

Maybe your child prefers a pet that looks and acts very much like the real thing. She can have her puppy, but you do not have to walk this electronic version. A realistic German Shepherd pup comes with its own bed and looks incredibly lifelike while it snoozes. Other toy pets that mimic real animals include a soft and cuddly white seal and a fluffy poodle that reacts to your child's touch. Robotic toys are not the only fun you can find here, as Sears carries a selection of toy communication devices that work indoors or out. Now your kids can keep in touch while playing international spy or detective.

Keep the electronic fun going with digital learning devices that employ the latest technology. For kids who just cannot get enough of gadgets, these learning toys are a great complement to their electronic pets. Webkinz, Fur Real Friends and California Creations make realistic as well as futuristic toys designed to fuel your child's imagination. Electronic caterpillars and dinosaurs walk alongside kids while Bossa Nova Robotics feature battles and important missions in their galactic robot toys perfect for outer space play. From small pets that fit into a child's hands to big robots that involve all types of flashing and electronic noise, there are all kinds of toys that give kids a chance to care for something as well as learn about robotics.

Electronic pets can teach kids about the responsibility of caring for animals in a safe way. You enjoy the added bonus of not having to clean up behind these types of pets. Whether these toys are a step toward getting real-live pets for your home or a substitution, Sears helps you select the right family friend for your child.


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