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      Enjoy evenings outside with outdoor light fixtures and outdoor garden lights

      Outdoor light fixtures can turn a simple backyard into a magical place where you can enjoy time with friends and family. Use sparkling twinkle lights to illuminate your patio or staked garden lights for a bright natural scene. Sears has a variety of garden lights and fixtures to create a stunning scene, even after the sun goes down.

      You'll find that there are many different styles of lighting for your home and garden. Path lights can lead the way from the street to your front door or from the back door to your secret garden. With pathway lighting, you can enjoy a gently lit path, while appreciating the beauty of the outdoors. A variety of pathway models and designs are available to fit in with your outdoor style. Garden lights can brighten your garden or pond, even when clouds are hiding the natural glow of the moonlight. Accent lights can be small, decorative pieces that offer a small amount of light with a lot of personality.

      In addition to providing an evening view of your garden or pond, garden lights can be beneficial when it comes to pest control. You can find solar LED bug lights that capture and eliminate insects in order to keep them away from your vegetation. Some plants, like marigolds, are huge attractants for nocturnal insects. You can use garden lights at night to catch the critters before an infestation takes over your garden.

      Some lighting can offer energy-saving options. You can replace the standard bulbs in your light fixtures with compact fluorescent light (CFL), LED or other cost-effective light bulbs in order to save money. Motion-activated models can detect movement, so that they only light up when someone is in the area. While security lighting is known for motion-detection, decorative lighting can also offer this energy saving perk. You can also choose to install solar-powered lights that turn on every night after the sun goes down.

      The right outdoor light fixtures can make a huge difference in the ambiance that your outdoor decor creates. Whether you're looking for garden lighting, pathway lighting or any other outdoor light styles, you can find it at Sears. The lighting that you choose offers an insight into your sense of style. Light displays let evening visitors enjoy the same visual appeal that your outdoor decor provides in the day.


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