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Protect your formal attire With garment bags from Sears

Sears offers an assortment of garment bags, which protect your formal wear from wrinkling during your travels, making one of the most vital business travel items to own. You can find stylish bags from the top brands like Heys USA, Samsonite, Hartmann and Royce Leather.

When you want utility with your garment bags, you should check out the selection offered by Heys USA. Their line comes in various bold colors, so you can easily spot your luggage on an airport conveyer belt. The additional compartments allow you to keep your possessions organized. Each model comes with wheels and a retractable handle for enhanced mobility.

Versatility is essential in luggage, and Samsonite makes garment bags with this aspect in mind. Many of their models come with four wheels to allow you extra movement options during your travels. Each model is made out of extremely durable material that will protect your clothes while keeping them wrinkle-free. These bags make an excellent complement to our upright suitcases; the former stores delicate clothes, while the latter can be filled with more durable items like toiletries and undergarments.

Hartmann designs their luggage to be perfect for leisure or business travel. Sears carries their Intensity line, and some models include safety accessories, like a Global Recovery System chip and combination padlocks. The durable, nylon material will protect your attire while you're traveling.

If you prefer leather garment bags, Sears offers luggage from Royce Leather. You can choose from black or tan leather, and each model has fabric lining to protect your clothes. These bags are lightweight and provide the lasting protection of leather.

When you are traveling with formal attire, you'll need to have a quality garment bag to protect your clothes from wrinkles. Shop at Sears today to get the best luggage sets from brands you trust.


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