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Toasters, Microwaves and Small Kitchen Appliance Bundles

Toasters, microwaves and small kitchen appliance bundles are the perfect answer for upgrading your kitchen. Toasters are tough, but they do wear out; our answer is to offer you a wide variety of reliable name-brand toasters from which to select. Double slot, wide slot, long slot, four slot and toaster ovens can do an excellent job when you need foods that are perfectly toasted. New colors and slim designs are fun to look at, and they are ideal for dressing up an ordinary kitchen. Modern conveniences, like LCD timers, give you complete control over shading and function. Choose small kitchen appliance bundles that contain all your Sears favorites, like blenders, toaster ovens and more. Our brand name small kitchen appliances are priced favorably to fit into any family budget, and no one has a better selection of products for the home than Sears. Small kitchen appliance bundles are just the answer when you are selecting gifts for a special occasion. Have your bundle of Sears appliances delivered conveniently right to your door when you place orders online.

Let your inner chef run creative when you use your Sears breadmakers and waffle makers. Have fun and please palates by serving up homemade bread or tasty Belgian waffles. We know that you will find making and baking bread is a breeze with our brand-name breadmakers. These small kitchen appliances fit neatly into your kitchen space, ready to give you the ability and confidence to knead up homemade bread or rolls anytime you wish. Your breadmaker can do the tough parts of the job, like kneading, and some units feature time-delay baking, so you can enjoy fresh baked bread at the time you want it ready. Breadmakers and waffle makers are truly convenient and easy-to-clean. Once you try it, you will happily bake tasty treats for all occasions.

Small microwaves are an appliance most cooks love to have in their kitchens. These units fit nicely into small spaces under cupboards where a larger unit would never be placed. They are lighter weight and easy to move around the room if needed, and they are large enough to hold most food products like a small roast, TV dinner, sandwiches or bowl of vegetables. Even with their small size, our small microwaves have ample cooking power for fast preparation. We also have many small microwave convection ovens that are suitable for commercial use. Countertop microwaves are the most popular style for home use, and they are loaded with features including see-through windows, digital timers, clocks and instant selection buttons. Space-saving small microwaves can be attached above the range or under cabinetry. Many cooks use their microwave ovens exclusively, enjoying their speed and cost-efficiency.

We have a complete selection of small kitchen appliances, including countertop microwaves for home, office or gift-giving. Order your breadmakers, waffle makers and other small kitchen appliances online, or visit your nearest Sears store to pick up your appliances.



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