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      Hand trucks help you move boxes with ease

      When you need to move an appliance or a stack of boxes at once, hand trucks make it easy to transport heavy items with minimal effort. Sears offers an inventory of heavy-duty hand trucks from Jamco and Wesco that support up to 800 pounds. The Wesco Pail hand truck provides a 90-degree supportive brace for the equipment, and the curved handles offer ergonomic comfort as you transport your item. You can also find Angelus convertible hand trucks with four wheels for platform transportation.

      When loading and unloading items from your garage shelves, you need sturdy and reliable garage ladders with non-slip foot pads. When choosing a ladder, consider a unit that folds away for easy storage and that maximizes space in your garage. While you can slide a Neiko folding ladder beneath a shelf or hang it on a wall, you can opt for the Sanic telescoping ladder that collapses to less than 34 inches in height. Smaller stepstools and platform ladders come in handy for garages with lower ceilings and shelving systems.

      Along with ladders and hand trucks, clamping tables prove beneficial in the workshop whether you have to secure metal or wood to cut. A Craftsman tool stand provides a reliable working surface on which to set wood or metal for cutting, and you can easily attach a clamp to the sidebars for maximum security. For holding longer boards and planks while cutting, complement the clamping table with a roller stand. The Craftsman roller stand features a continuous top roller bar that supports up to 130 pounds. You can also adjust its height to accommodate the position of your table.

      Maximize the storage space in your garage even more with workbenches from Craftsman and Gladiator. While some workbenches only provide a top surface on which to work, the Craftsman 5-drawer workbench gives you plenty of storage space for tools and accessories. You can improve the space in your garage with the Craftsman back wall workbench. It gives you a convenient place to hang your tools and supplies easily within reach. Complete your work area with a 3-shelf storage module. The Craftsman 3-shelf unit attaches easily to a compatible workbench, and it gives you added space for storing and organizing your garage supplies.

      Transport heavy items with ease when you use a hand truck, and reach top shelves in your garage with sturdy ladders from Craftsman. Clamping tables secure your woodworking and metalworking items during the cut, and workbenches gives you a convenient place to store and organize your tools and accessories in the garage. Visit Sears, or shop online for the best selection of garage organizational tools and accessories for your home.


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