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Crank Up Fun Foods with Ice Cream Makers

Ice creams and sorbets are a dessert favorite found in many ethnic cultures, and these frozen treats are very simple to make if you have a Sears hand-crank or automatic ice cream maker. Ice cream makers are a favorite small kitchen appliance, but our many other ethnic cooking appliances are gaining in popularity as well. Pizza ovens, Belgian waffle makers, woks and tortilla makers are just some of our available products that give cooks the utensils they need to properly prepare many ethnic recipes. Rice cookers and steamers, pasta machines and other accessories like a mini-blender or garlic press give you the advantage in making ethnic favorites that look and taste authentic. Whether you want to crank, stir or mix up ethnic foods, you can count on Sears to have the small kitchen appliances and accessories you need for making your ethnic food favorites. It is so nice to know you can find all these neat cooking utensils at your favorite Sears store or online for delivery to your door.

Processing foods gives any cook a great way to create new and interesting meals, especially when they can use one of Sears many small kitchen appliances designed for that purpose. Our brand name blenders feature variable speed processing, blending and mixing options. Food processors from famous manufactures like Cuisinart, Kenmore and KitchenAid make it easy to produce breadcrumbs, sauces, dips and tasty toppings like chopped nuts. Most people are familiar with blenders and choppers, but for real options, consider adding some of Sears other small kitchen appliances to your pantry. After you have mixed up your favorite ground meat in the food processor, use a double hamburger patty maker to press your blend into perfectly shaped patties. A salad slicer and shredder accessory can make creating delicious cole slaw or vegetable slices a breeze. Whenever you need replacement bowls and blades, look through our small kitchen accessories catalog pages for new ones. Food processors and other small kitchen appliances make ideal gifts.

Another group of food preparation accessories that are welcomed by any cook is our selection of vacuum sealers. Using vacuum packed bags is the best way to preserve and protect delicate foods. You can get precut bags or a long roll that allows you to determine the size bag you need for your food products or leftovers. Simply vacuum out the inner air and moisture, seal tightly and the package is ready for storage. Its a great way to save extra foods for future meals or to be able to take advantage of large quantity sale offers that leave you with a lot of food that needs storage to remain fresh. Filled vacuum sealed bags can be simmered or heated in your microwave when it is time to reheat or cook the contents. Yet another vacuum seal option is found in systems that allow you to vacuum seal a container instead of using a thick plastic bag. Removal of air is the key to long-term storage. If you have never tried it, this is a good time to start.

You dont have to go to culinary school to create dishes with ethnic cooking appliances, make frozen treats with an ice cream maker or use a vacuum sealer to preserve cooked foods. All you need is the right small kitchen appliances. Choose home or office delivery online, or pick up your orders at a local Sears store.



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