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Combat dampness with dehumidifiers

Damp basements are a common source of mold. The excess moisture makes air humid and gives it that clammy feeling. Dehumidifiers from Sears dry the air. They reduce the the risk of mold in carpeting, wood and clothing while making the air more comfortable. Many models have a gravity drain or a pump in addition to a collection tank. Attaching a hose allows you to continuously drain condensate to a floor drain. You can shop for preferred features such as humidistats, variable-speed fans and timers for precise humidity control. Contractors will find commercial humidifiers from Thermastor or Ebac for drying flooded basements, cleaned carpets or drywall mud.

Air purifiers and dehumidifiers have filters that need to be replaced regularly to keep the appliance working effectively without wasting energy. You'll find the air filter accessories you need right here at Sears. These include HEPA, charcoal-activated and standard filters for Kenmore and Whirlpool brands. Universal replacement accessories fit a wide range of models. You can keep bacteria and algae from forming in your dehumidifier or humidifier with water treatment solutions from Bestair.

Besides excess humidity, the air in your home may contain pollutants. The EPA warns that indoor air is often far more polluted than the air outdoors. It contains higher levels of carbon dioxide, particulates and allergens like dust. Air purifiers from Sears can help you breathe healthier air by removing these particles and gases. They can reduce allergies and asthma symptoms while making it easier to breathe for those with lung problems like Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. You can use our convenient search options to find the right air purifiers for your needs. The primary filtration choice is important. Activated charcoal removes odors, gases and smoke from the air. True HEPA, HEPA-type and electrostatic filters are ideal for trapping particles. The lineup of air purifiers from Austin Air is impressive, and we have high quality models from Whirlpool and Honeywell too. Air purifiers available at Sears give you the peace of mind that everyone in your home is breathing cleaner, healthier air.

Wicks for humidifiers need to be replaced on a regular basis. A replacement wick will improve humidification and may extend the life of your humidifier. If the wick is left in too long, sediment may build up and make it ineffective. Our dehumidifier accessories pages have replacement humidifier wicks for many popular brands.

If you're concerned about the air in your home, Sears is here to help. Our air treatment appliances and accessories will make indoor air healthier for everyone in your household. Depend on Sears to have the air purification products you're looking for at prices you'll be glad you found.



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