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      Don't Split Hairs; Maintain Your Favorite Hair Style With Hair Products from Sears

      Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight or somewhere in between, you need the right hair care products to maintain your style. Sears has the styling products you're looking for from high-end brands to low-cost hair care options.

      Give your hair definition and texture with hair wax. Besides adding separation, hair waxes help hold your style in place and even add shine without feeling sticky. This hair care product does so much that it may be the only hair styling aid you need.

      Hair gel offers great hold and styling flexibility. Among the growing and ever-changing number of hair care products on the market, gel is still a staple because it performs so well.

      Mousse is another hair styling classic. Today's improved formulas provide fullness without stiffness. A small amount adds body to limp hair, gives great volume at the roots and helps maintain your hairstyle. Mousse is also lightweight and travels well.

      Just a dab of pomade defend your hair against the elements and styling damage. Pomade creates a barrier to protect locks from heat damage by hair dryers and curling or straightening irons. Pomades add shine and help prevent frizziness, especially in humid weather. Your hair will look and feel healthier.

      Hairspray has come a long way since the days of sticky, unpleasant-smelling spray that held hair stiffly in place. Besides holding your style without adding weight, hair spray can protect tresses from the sun's UV rays, fight the effects of humidity and add volume and texture. Often available in travel size, hair spray now multi-tasks so you get more for your money.

      Choose hair care products designed for your cut, hair type and climate to get great style that lasts all day. Sears has the products you need from the brands you want, all at prices you'll love.


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