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      Tire chains provide traction for your lawn tractor in the winter

      Sears knows that the lawn tractors you purchase here on the website will be used for a variety of reasons and in all four seasons. So it offers quality tractors and all the attachments you need and, come winter, you'll need tire chains. You can't just stay indoors when Old Man Winter creates havoc with snow and ice, and your tractor and ATV can't either.

      We carry a range of tire chains to give your lawn tractor and ATV the traction needed to take you wherever you have to go through the ice and snow, even up and down inclines. Make sure you have the right size for the tires and then attach them. You'll be ready to clear the driveway and tend to any outdoor pets and livestock. For added traction, buy wheel weights. Attached to the rear of your lawn tractor when you're using front-mounted equipment to remove snow and you'll feel the difference in the amount of traction you have. You'll also notice the improved steering control.

      With better traction, you'll be safer and with added equipment, you'll be more comfortable as you plow through snowdrifts. Just as Sears sells lawn tractor shades to protect you from the hot sun in the summer, we offer lawn tractor cabs for winter use. It may be cold and wet outside, but you'll be warm and dry inside. The cabs are quick and easy to attach with a sturdy tubular frame. They're constructed of a durable vinyl, which is tear-resistant so you don't have to dread going under hanging tree branches. You'll appreciate the wrap-around windshield. It provides optimum visibility when the wind whips snow and ice all around.

      The cab pairs perfectly with the Craftsman tractor snowblower attachment, for example. Connect it and you'll turn those snow mountains into molehills. The rugged steel cuts through snow, ice and slush and throws it 25 to 40 feet away. With that clear path, you'll likely have other chores to tackle, such as collecting fallen tree limbs and getting fresh food and water to outdoor pets and livestock. That's where tractor trailers from Sears come in handy. Sears offers products to make your chores easier. Riding the tractor inside a vinyl cab and having a trailer to hold all that you need is a far cry from using a shovel and wheelbarrow.

      Since you give the tractor a workout, make sure you perform regular maintenance. Lawn tractor lifts give owners easy access to do oil changes and take care of the machine. However, if you do have to take the tractor in for maintenance you can't perform or for repairs, check out our tractor loading ramps. In a flash, it'll be in the back of your pickup. Trust Sears to get you the parts you need from the brands you know you can.


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