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      Light bulbs are the core of lamps and lighting fixtures and Sears can help

      Without light bulbs, your lamps and light fixtures can't do much, but Sears makes sure you don't run into that dilemma. You can be sure to find a replacement bulb for any lamp or light in your house and garage in Sears's collection of light bulbs. From Craftsman, GE, BulbRite, Sunlite, Philips and more, you'll find top-rated light bulbs from brands you know and trust. You have all types of lighting around your house, and when one doesn't work, it feels like your whole room went dark.

      Sears offers different types of lighting for your home so you don't sit in the dark while you're watching television, sitting in the kitchen or working in the garage. Decorative arc floor lamps add dimension as well as illumination to any room. The arc design leans over with several extensions that can be moved to any direction. Floor lamps area great in any room, especially game rooms or family dens, where there is a large area that needs light to extend across the room. Unique arc floor lamps are perfect for dorm rooms, too, for a fun style and decoration.

      If you want to save floor space around your home, consider buying table lamps. Table lamps can be placed anywhere around your home: on coffee tables, desks, bookcases, bar, countertops, dressers and more. Table lamps can be used as an accent decoration or just as a practical piece that blends in with your home decor. Find a table lamp from UtterMost, Light Source, Pacific Coast Lighting and more for your house.

      But you'll need lights in your garage, too. Sears has work bench lights from Craftsman, Lutron, Lithonia, Morris Products and more trusted brands. Don't work in the dark anymore. Work bench lights extend about 4 feet long and hang across the ceiling of your shed or garage. You'll be able to light up the entire garage and see inside the hood of your car with work bench lights. These long work bench lights use florescent tube light bulbs that you can easily find and replace at Sears.

      Whether you're looking for specific light bulbs or lighting solutions for your home or garage, look no further than Sears's collection of light bulbs and lamps and lighting. Sears carries top-rated brands for light fixtures, lamps, work lights, and light bulbs so you're never in the dark. Browse Sears's lighting selection today.


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