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      Choose Hair Coloring For A Dramatic New Look

      Choose to color your hair to hide the gray, or go for a completely new look. When you want to color your hair at home, Sears has the top brands and a wide array of colors and shades to provide you with a completely new head of hair.

      Hair color is for everyone. Shop for hair coloring for women, for men or even unisex products for everyone to use. There are no limits on the colors you can use to dye your hair. Find white, blond, brown, black, red and even some of the unnatural colors for a special event. No matter what color you want, locate the color at Sears. Before you shop for colors, decide how long you want your color to last. Choose between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent dyes for a long lasting look or something that will shampoo out after a few washes.

      Some of the cres and dyes offer a shampoo-in color while others need to be applied with tubes, sprays or powders. Most kits come with everything you need, including a root touchup comb and shower cap to let the hair color sit.

      Choose from the top brands at Sears to ensure the color you apply to your hair is of the best quality. Choose from Clairol Nice N Easy has been available for years or Paul Mitchell who is used in the top salons around the globe. Every brand you love is available at Sears.

      Search for glow in the dark shampoo-in color to get noticed at a party or some shampoo in color to quickly hide roots until you are able to get to your salon. Whatever you need to look good, you will find it at Sears. Shop Sears now to find the best hair color product for your needs.


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