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      Chipper Shredders blasts through piles of yard waste

      When you're faced with the task of getting rid of a lot of yard waste, a chipper shredder will make short work of it. To make sure you're properly equipped for your next yard project, shop Sears for a wide variety of chipper shredders to help make the task a breeze. We offer shredders in numerous sizes and models to fit your needs and your budget.

      No tool shed or garage should be without a shredder. By chipping branches and shredding leaves, you allow the material to occupy a far smaller space than it would if left intact. This makes it easy to bag it up or put it into your compost pile.

      Craftsman chipper shredders, like all Craftsman machines, are durable and reliable. These chipper shredders boast a big reduction ratio for great savings in bags. They can hold a large bag, so you don't have to rake up the chopped debris to dispose of it. If you intend to compost the material, just set up the machine next to the pile without a bag and let it run.

      If you want a piece of equipment to handle lightweight debris, a leaf shredder should satisfy your needs. These machines make it easy to handle piles of leaves and can discharge the shreddings right into a bag for easy disposal. They can be set to grind leaves into course, medium, or fine chippings as desired. With the fine setting, you may even be able to rake the pieces back onto the lawn to provide an invisible layer of natural nutrients. Alternatively, setting the machine up next to a compost pile allows you to keep the clippings in one place and avoid having to haul them to their final position.

      Those who have a lot of wood to chip on an ongoing basis will do well with a commercial-duty chipper. These strong machines can turn branches around 4" in diameter into inch chips and do it all day long. They're great for those who own or maintain large lots, landscapers, and people who maintain rental properties. When you need serious power that won't give up, a commercial wood chipper is the way to go.

      You will find that a larger chipper can be an asset to your lawn care year round. Besides the demands of leaf and branch clean up that comes with autumn, this implement can help clear away debris caused by high winds during winter or spring storms. In the summer, the chipper shredder can handle a variety of lawn and garden duties.

      When choosing a chipper, consider whether you prefer an electric model or a gasoline powered model. The gasoline models tend to have a larger horsepower than their electric counterparts and therefore, can handle a tougher work load. With an engine ranging up to 10 horsepower, these models can allow you to rake leaves, twigs and small branches and load them directly in the hopper providing instant mulch usable in your lawn or garden. An electric model does the job without as much noise, a plus if you don't want to disturb neighbors.

      With a wide variety of accessories and attachments available, a chipper shredder can help you recycle unwanted and unsightly wood and vegetation while beautifying your property. Check Sears selection of chippers for a worthy addition to your gardening tools.


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