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Protect your hands from hot temperatures with potholders from Sears

Handle the heat in your kitchen with smart potholders and oven mitts. The kitchen is your playground when you can cook and bake with the reliable protection that potholders and oven mitts provide. From handling pots on the stovetop to protecting your counter as you rest hot ovenware while serving, potholders come in handy as you navigate the kitchen. Every good chef knows that oven mitts are a true essential, ensuring crucial heat protection as you remove your tasty goods from the oven.

Whether you're ruler of the kitchen or master of the grill, discover the proper gear for the job when you shop oven mitts at Sears. With options meant for indoor and outdoor use, you can transition from stovetop to grill top without skipping a beat. With flame-retardant mitts that feature a longer length to cover the forearm, you'll feel improved confidence as you reach into the oven or over the grill. Plus, with so many color and style choices, you'll find a protective mitt that's sure to complement your kitchen linen sets and decor.

If you cook at high heat, consider potholders and oven mitts made of institutional grade fabric for increased protection. Find options that even provide a barrier against penetrating steam. Whether you're a professional in the field or simply an at-home cooking enthusiast, the extra protection found in our most heavy-duty potholders and oven mitts will ensure valuable peace of mind while you handle hot equipment. Simply throw on one of our aprons, and cook to your heart's content without worry.

Designed to make life easier, our potholders and oven mitts offer smart features you'll appreciate. From designs with hanging hooks for easy storage to options featuring sleek, solid colors that match your kitchen towels, you'll find potholders and mitts that blend in beautifully with your kitchen setup. Cleanup is a cinch, too: Discover oven mitts and potholders that can be thrown in the washer and dryer for quick laundering. Or consider silicone holders that are resistant to stains and bacteria, and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. These silicone potholders have life outside of ovens and grills, assisting with other tough tasks around the house, like changing hot light bulbs or opening stubborn jar lids that require a no-slip grip.

Whether you love to cook, bake or grill, oven mitts and potholders are an important tool for the task. From gracefully transporting a casserole to the dining table to the artful draining of pasta from the pot, you'll experience confidence in the kitchen when you wield one of these must-haves. Browse our extensive selection that includes smart options like flame-retardant oven mitts for grilling, as well as silicone potholders for easy cleanup and excellent versatility around the house. No matter what suits your lifestyle, you'll find a superior array of potholders and oven mitts at Sears.



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