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Paper Towel Holders Add Function To Your Kitchen

The paper towel holder is an essential item in the kitchen. Functional and reliable, paper towel holders come in a variety of styles to match your needs. Sears has paper towel holders for home and industrial use. Shop Sears for affordable, easy-to-use and stylish paper towel holders.

Sears offers a wide selection of paper towel holders made by Spectrum Diversified, American Specialties and other top manufacturers. For the home, paper towel holders are made a variety of materials including plastic, metal and wood. Sitting counter top models are stylish and functional, and they have the added benefit of being portable. Counter top models often feature a tear bar that makes it easy to access towels with one hand. Wall mounted paper towel holders are stable and keep your towels in one place. Wall mounted holders can also be mounted inside a cabinet when counter space is limited.

Sears has a great selection of paper towels to fill your towel holders. Paper towels are available in single rolls and bulk packages. You can choose from a large selection of top name brands in many colors and prints to match your kitchen color scheme. Paper towels aren't just for cleanups. You can use them as napkins at the dinner table, and they are a great substitute for plates when serving sandwiches and finger foods.

You can remove counter stains with paper towels and kitchen cleaners. Disposable towels reduce laundry chores and keep cleaning chemicals contained. During cold and flu season, using paper towels and cleaners will keep germs away from you and your family.

After youe cleaned a mess, you need a trash can for disposal. Sears has trash cans in plastic, metal and wicker, and they are made in a large selection of shapes and sizes. A Sears' trash can will fit your space with style.

You can place paper towel holders in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Shop Sears for a great selection of affordable paper towel holders, paper towels, cleansers and trash cans for all your cleaning needs.


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