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"phillips pellet holder long 22- 25 cal holds 20 rds 325 thick"

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Enhance your gameplay with paintball accessories from Sears

Gain a competitive edge over your friends on the paintball field with paintball accessories from Sears. We carry a complete range of paintball and airsoft accessories for use in tournaments and casual play in your backyard. Invest in paintball marker guns and holster systems for your pistols, and improve your aim with riflescopes and red dot sights. Whether you need a folding gun sight or a front sling loop, get the paintball accessories you need to enhance your gameplay at Sears.

Paintball and airsoft go hand in hand, so we have airsoft ammo such as BBs and pellets to accommodate your airsoft pistols and rifles. We have Crosman and Benjamin Sheridan pellets that produce exceptional flair on impact, and you can even find Gamo glow-in-the-dark pellets for shooting at targets when the sun goes down. Select from individual paintball pellets in the color you prefer, and stock up on AirSplat BBs that come in packs of 4,000. From Copperhead BBs to May Vary paintballs, stock up on ammunition for your next trip to the paintball field.

We have a selection of airsoft guns to along with your packs of multicolor paintballs. Some of our paintball guns feature electronic sights for zeroing in on your targets and splattering them with paint. We also have airsoft pistols and rifles that look and feel like real weapons. Carry an extra Bruni airsoft pistol in your Galco shoulder holster accessory, and take down everyone in your path with a Spyder paintball rifle. With such high-powered paintball guns and airsoft rifles available, you need accessories such as paintball lenses and tactical vests for added protection when out on the field.

With a tactical vest and a clip-on storage pocket for your belt, you can carry extra paintballs with you on the hunt for your targets. Valken Graffiti paintballs come in boxes of 2,000 rounds, and Empire has camo paintballs in 1,000-count boxes. Give each person his or her own colored paintball to identify the shots more clearly, and consider an Empire paintball grenade to take down multiple targets at once. With the GXG black deluxe harness accessory, you can carry up to 560 extra paintballs and a 3,000-PSI tank with you on the battlefield.

Improve how you play the game when you invest in tactical vests and other useful paintball accessories. Pick out an airsoft gun that gives you an advantage in a tournament, and stock up on plenty of airsoft ammo to knock down your targets one by one. Shop online at Sears when you need the best selection of affordable paintball equipment and supplies for your next outdoor tournament.



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