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Multi-task with cordless oscillating multi-tools

Cordless oscillating multi-tools give you up to 15 tools in one. The driver is lightweight and ergonomic, so it feels comfortable in your hand. The range of tasks they handle includes making precise cuts when trimming drywall, grinding grout from tiles and sanding woodworking projects. The cordless design features a 12-volt battery on most units, though some have an 18-volt battery that delivers longer use and more power. Most rotate at 12,000 RMP at least, and some are as fast as 15,000 RPM. LED lights on many models illuminate the work surface to increase the accuracy of your cut or the depth of your sanding. Cutters, grinders and sanders with various surfaces give you the right head for each task. Tools can be detached with a push of a button; no hex tool is required on most cordless oscillating multi-tools.

A cordless drill is another versatile tool. Those with 1/2 in. drives are a great choice for large jobs like drilling holes for running wire or driving wood screws. Smaller 3/8 in. and 1/4 in. drives work well for drilling pilot holes and driving drywall screws. If you choose a cordless drill that is part of the Craftsman Add-On Series, you can add an array of quick-attach tools, including an oscillator, jig saw and circular saw. We carry bare tools and complete sets with chargers and batteries. Most kits come with a convenient carrying case to store the set plus drill bits and add-on tools.

Sears has cordless jigsaws from your favorite brands like Craftsman, DeWalt and Hitachi. A kit with a 12-volt battery is a good choice for home handymen who use the jigsaw for minor tasks. Contractors and serious wood-working hobbyists will prefer an 18-volt battery that offers runs longer between charges. Most tools are new, but reconditioned tools that can save you money are available too. Cordless jigsaws come with different features to fit your specific needs. These include guide handles in the rear of the tool for precise cuts through heavier material, LED guide lights that illuminate the cutting line and adjustable-depth cutting blades.

Cordless power hammers are a specialty tool you'll be glad to have when you need one. They drive fasteners through dimensional lumber and softer metals. The compact size makes them great for use where there's no room to swing a hammer. Most can be outfitted with a variety of bits to serve the purpose.

If you work where there's no power or don't want to constantly manage a cord, cordless tools are the solution. We have the tools you need at very competitive prices. Consider the great selection at Sears when you need the versatility and performance of a cordless power tool.

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