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      Kids can chase down the bad guys with battery powered cars

      Kids love to go fast and feel the wind in their face. Swings are one way your children can experience that thrill; another is with powered vehicle toys from Sears. Find cool ride on toys that go with the push of a button. Kids can drive at a safe speed while they imagine pursuing the bad guys down the street or pretending to run errands like their parents. Battery powered cars give kids the fun of mobility during play time.

      When your children imagine that they're parents to their own kids or just adults running errands, give them toys that support their imaginative play. Big wheels might do the trick for tiny toddlers, but once they start growing they want toys that excite them. Powered vehicle toys are the perfect solution. Sears carries battery operated cars that are kid-size replicas of actual cars on the road. Choose from brands like Mercedes and Ferrari, and models like the Camaro and Escalade to bring a real-life driving feel to playtime.

      Just as real motorcycle riders wear helmets on the street, it's important to for kids pretending to ride their motorcycle toys on the sidewalk to wear them as well. Ride on toys and safety gear are necessary no matter what your child pretends they are during playtime. Give their sibling a pretend cop car, a notepad and have them hand out tickets for safety violations. Your kids will start to love following the rules while pretending they're cops catching criminals.

      Some kids like a little more fantasy when it comes to the imagination. When choosing a vehicle, give them a car with their favorite character on it. They can pretend that they're going on adventures like the characters do in the movies or just ride along with their dolls pretending they're really best friends. Pull toys like wagons used to be the only way to transport their favorite toys, but now kids can pretend they're going on a car ride to an imaginary land. Give them the option to play creatively with toys from Sears.

      Toy powered vehicles provide the thrill of wind in your child's hair and kid appropriate speed. With easy-to-use controls and pedals in the cars, kids can focus on their imaginations during playtime instead of focusing on pedaling. Find the battery operated car that suits your child best at Sears.


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