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      Expand your workshop with various corded power tools

      When it comes to power tools, you have two choices: corded and cordless. Each has benefits and drawbacks. As with everything in life, there are tradeoffs. Basically, the difference between the two comes down to convenience and power.

      Let's talk about corded power tools first. Usually you get more power out of a corded tool. For example, a corded circular saw typically has a bigger blade than a cordless. And you can't cut a thick piece of lumber with a cordless circular saw. A corded tool will keep on working as long as it's plugged in. On the other hand, the battery in a cordless power tool purposefully conserves power. Its goal is to give you as long of a life as possible before you have to recharge. Since it's constantly trying to conserve energy, you don't get the steady stream of power that you'd have with a corded power tools. That's why a battery-powered tool sometimes just doesn't produce enough power to get the biggest jobs done. So when you're tackling a big job and power is essential, choose a corded power tool.

      Another drawback of using a cordless power tool is that you either have to stop periodically to recharge it or send money on several batteries and constantly cycle through them. When you're in the middle of a job, the last thing you want to do is have to sit around and wait for a battery to charge. Corded tools are also lighter than their cordless counterparts are, because they aren't hampered by a heavy battery.

      That's not to say you don't need cordless power tools in your workshop arsenal. Choose a cordless tool when you don't have easy access to an outlet. With a cordless, you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging the cord by cutting it. Cordless tools are less expensive than corded; however, the cost of batteries can significantly increase the overall cost of ownership. Cordless tools are also great for toting out to far-flung work sites that don't have exterior sources of power.

      If you love to restore old cars or just work on your own, you'll appreciate the Craftsman 8-amp Impact Wrench. It has efficient power transmission, delivering 350 pounds per foot in both forward and reverse and achieves a maximum speed of 2,100 RPM and 2,700 BPM, helping you drive and remove metal fasteners. (It's also great for wood and concrete applications, by the way.) The bright LED light at the base makes it easy for you to work on those hard-to-reach corners when working on an automobile. The rubber over-mold is created for your comfort yet it also protects surfaces from scratches. It's made by Craftsman, America's most trusted brand.

      Of course, Sears offers a number of other corded power tools for a variety of home improvement, lawn and garden and woodworking projects. Check out the brad nailers, buffers and power tool combo kits, for example. In addition to Craftsman, we carry many trusted brands, such as DeWalt and Milwaukee. Sears is the place to turn for the corded power tools you need.


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