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Run indoors at ease with treadmill accessories

A treadmill is a piece of home fitness equipment that can be used by almost anyone. Fitness fanatics and exercise newbies alike can benefit from the comfort of having a treadmill within the home. You can enjoy a walk or run without facing cold or rain. You can avoid any dangers that may appear from running after dark or before dawn. You can enjoy studying, reading or even watching your favorite show while getting fit. To make your treadmill experience even better, make sure you have the best treadmill accessories for your machine.

A treadmill mat is one of the first treadmill accessories you should purchase. A treadmill mat will keep your floor from being damaged by the weight and friction of the machine. Sears can help you find the best mat for your flooring and your treadmill style. Consider those mats offered by ProImpact. They come in a number of lengths and in varying thickness levels. These mats work as incline trainer accessories as well. You may alternatively consider buying Interlocking Carpet Tiles. These tiles are perfect on hard surfaces like concrete and linoleum. They fit together perfectly and provide just the right amount of padding needed for incline trainers.

Health monitors are the perfect addition to your treadmill running routine. Heart rate monitors are not only for those training for marathons. Health monitors give you an accurate reading of the amount of time you spend walking or running. You can keep track of your heart rate and the number of calories burned with each workout session as well. Items like the Polar FT4 Female Fitness Computer are worn directly on your wrist, which keeps your hands free while working out. If you need a health monitor that speaks to you, try the Walking Advantage Talking Calorie Counter and Pedometer. It starts and stops with your motion and tells you all you need to know.

There are many other sports accessories that will help to keep you healthy and fit. Hydration equipment is arguably the most important when it comes to fitness. You must stay well hydrated before, during and after every workout routine. Remember your hydration with the Thermos Intak 24oz Hydration Bottle. This bottle comes with a clearly readable meter so that you know you are taking in an adequate supply for fluids. Stretching is also a vital part of every fitness routine. Sports accessories like the Weider 3-in-1 Roller give you alternative stretching options while also providing a great core workout.

With all of the options available through Sears, fitness has never been easier. Let us help you to achieve your perfect body right in the comfort of your home. Shop Sears today for all of your treadmill accessories. We can help you find all of the items you need to get into the shape of your life. There is no time like the present to get started on the body of your dreams.



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