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      Versatile Brooms Clean Your Flooring Choices

      Brooms make housekeeping chores easy and convenient. A large-angle broom with a 12-inch cleaning width tackles the kitchen floor as easily as it takes on the dirt on the patio. A small-angle broom with a narrower 11.35-inch width comes in handy for sweeping up a narrow hallway or a bathroom. Manufacturers use polymer fibers made from recycled plastic bottles to create durable yet environmentally-friendly bristles for gently and effectively cleaning the floors in your home.

      Opt for a broom that comes with an attachable dustpan since this ensures that you sweep up the dirt and dispose of it. The dustpan matches the cleaning width of the broom. Depending on your sweeping style, choose a steel handle to apply more pressure to the broom. A plastic handle calls for a lighter hand, which ensures that the handle not snap during particularly vigorous sweeping.

      Augment the cleaning power of the broom with the help of sponges. While rubber gloves protect your hands during the cleaning process, sponges help with the cleanup of spills. For scuffmarks on the floor, consider the use of the magic erasers that make quick work of not only these marks but also grease spots and built-up dirt on grout. For particularly dirty floors, a sponge covered with a tight-fitting top quickly removes the worst stains and spills before a mop becomes necessary.

      Brooms are so versatile that they work well even with your garage flooring. Sweep clean a floor covered with multipurpose raised coin garage flooring as easily as you would do on a floor covered with smooth polypropylene tiles. Whether your floor covering features a diamond pattern or is soft like an antifatigue mat, the longer artificial bristles of a standard broom reach into grooves and underneath cabinets for a deep cleaning.

      Within the house, wood flooring and tiles are usually the most common choices next to vinyl. Brooms are perfect for these flooring options. The bristles are sufficiently soft and nonabrasive to protect cork flooring, hickory or other types of wood flooring from damage because of frequent cleanings. When you use a dustpan that features a rubber strip at the tip, you prevent slippage on these types of floors and also ensure that you remove dirt and dust from the area without scratching the surface of the floor.

      Sears carries a large assortment of brooms as well as the types of products that support their uses. It is easy to pick out the right type of broom based on your cleaning style. Find a sturdy broom today, and remember to pick up a dustpan as well.


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