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Take control of your rough-hewn lumber with radial arm saws

These days it is easy to take a trip to your local lumber store to buy dimensional lumber in nearly any dimension combination you can imagine. However, it is nice to take control of your woodworking and carpentry projects to create dimensional lumber on your own for a fraction of the cost. Rough-hewn lumber is far cheaper to purchase and easy to convert into nice, even boards if you have a collection of power tools at your fingertips. Radial arm saws are a great way to cut even long boards out of any type of lumber.

Radial arm saws consist of a saw that slides up and down along an arm. This saw is meant to rip long boards in half or to specific dimensional requirements. You simply slide the board into the saw and it does the splitting for you. Radial saws require blades with teeth since the force of pushing all that lumber through the machine would make the blade want to jump up out of the wood. The advantage of this blade is that it creates a smooth and even cut all the way down the length of your board.

Compared to band saws and scroll saws, radial arm saws are the workhorses of the milling machines. While the other saws are great for more creative cuts, the radial arm can take care of the more straightforward and mundane cuts that you will need to do for your project. Tools like this can cut your project preparation time in half by simply speeding up the whole process. You can also use your radial saw to make cross cuts in your wood, meaning that it can handle both long and short board distances.

Radial saws are also great when you are short on space; unlike other saws, they can be placed up against the wall and require less clearance around all sides. This is great if you are trying to work in a crowded garage or tiny shed. These saws do the quick and dirty work of your projects so you can take care of the details later. However, high-end radial saws can be fine-tuned to make very accurate cuts if you need them. Additionally, the fine tuning can produce a machine that creates less vibration and noise.

Some radial arm saws are designed for specialty materials as well. This model is great for tile saws that need to cut large sheets of slate or stone. Additionally, it is great for cutting some forms of metal. These types of machines are generally found in commercial settings only, but you may be able to find one if you plan to do a lot of work with flooring or sheet metal. For the basic handyman, a tabletop radial arm saw should do the trick. All you need is one visit to Sears to find the perfect radial arm saw for you. Check out our selection from top brands like Craftsman and Black and Decker so you can start ripping into a new project today.


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