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Ramekin and Souffle Dishes For Baking and Serving

When selecting bakeware for your kitchen, buying pieces you will use in many ways adds extra value to your purchase. Sears offers a great selection of ramekins and souffle dishes to fill a variety of baking and serving functions. Usually made of ceramic or porcelain, these baking dishes are heat-proof and dish washer safe. From oven to table, ramekins and souffle dishes are lovely serving dishes as well.

Ramekins are small dishes used to bake individually sized portions. With tall, straight sides, ramekins allow cakes and souffles to rise high and look beautiful. Desserts baked in ramekins delight children and offer the portion control that so many adults want. You can also use ramekins for savory dishes. Baked in ramekins, potpies and casseroles become individual servings to eat today or freeze for next week. You may need to adjust your baking time when using ramekins with a recipe meant for a larger dish.

Don't save these little beauties just for baking. You can use your ramekins to hold measured ingredients while preparing a recipe. You can fill them with dipping sauces or condiments and place them on your table. Ramekins become great little side dishes for soup or vegetables.

A souffle dish serves the same baking function as a ramekin on a larger scale. The depth of the dish allows your souffle to rise to beautiful heights, but it is also well-suited for baking any casserole or side dish. Your souffle dish will also add elegance to the table when serving family-style salads, puddings and vegetables.

It easy to prepare a ramekin or a souffle dish for baking. Just spray your dish with cooking spray and fill.To avoid spillover messes, place the dishes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. When removing the finished dish from the oven, our oven mitts and potholders will protect your hands, counters and table.

When choosing baking dishes for your kitchen, ramekins and souffle dishes add variety and versatility to your collection. Sears offers a beautiful line of these baking dishes in so many sizes and colors. Shop Sears today for our affordable and durable ramekins and souffle dishes.


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