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      Durable toy trucks spark imaginations

      If you've been looking for toys that will keep your kids occupied for hours, you can't go wrong with the toy trucks available at Sears. Kids love sturdy toys that they can play with anywhere, and toy vehicles are among some of the most reliable playthings you can buy. Trucks are adaptable to all kinds of kid-friendly games. All you have to do is find a toy your child likes and let his or her imagination run wild.

      Toy trucks may be kid-powered or battery powered. Both types are great for kids who like to create imaginary worlds. With a few different truck models from Remote Control Trucks, they can have their very own rally or raceway right in the living room. Durable, lifelike military remote control toys put a different twist on playtime. There are enough diverse types of remote controlled trucks that you'll have no problem finding something that matches up with what your child likes to pretend. Many of these toys include lights and sounds that keep kids engaged as they play. With brands like New Ray offering fully functioning trucks that look like real vehicles, your kids will have hours of fun zooming around the house.

      Some trucks and other toy vehicles are sturdy enough to be played with outside as well. This gives your kids the option of bringing their games into the backyard on nice days and opens up new opportunities for creativity. Rather than being confined to the floor in the family room, kids can take advantage of the change of scenery to bring their trucks, cars, toy motorcycles and more to new places. Brands such as King Force and Sprig Toys offer rugged construction vehicles that are perfect for powering around the patio or deck to pick up rocks and other small items. If your kids have a sandbox, they might prefer a set of smaller toys from Sports and Toys by O. Built from sturdy plastic, these toys are made to stand up to the toughest jobs that kids can imagine.

      Other toy vehicles are meant to be looked at rather than played with. These are better suited to older kids who understand the decorative value of die cast models from Disney/Pixar and Jimmy Mc's. Instead of spending time on the floor or outdoors on the ground, these model cars and trucks make eye-catching accents for kids' and teens' bedrooms. Models feature realistic details and materials that set them apart from other toys and make them more delicate than their playtime counterparts.

      It's fun to watch the imaginative games that your kids come up with when you give them toy trucks and other vehicles. Rugged and versatile, these toys are perfect for kids with active imaginations. Their small size means you can take them anywhere so your kids always have something to do. Shop Sears and start building a fun, creative collection today.


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