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Snuggle up in warm bath robes and wraps

Get cozy in our warm bath robes and wraps for everyone in the family, and then add some matching fuzzy slippers. If you want something more elegant, choose a sleek and sensual satin robe set with chemise from Sears. With our selection of classic flannel robes, we have you covered on colder nights also.

Before you slip into that cozy robe from Sears, step onto one of our accurate bathroom scales to keep track of your weight. It never hurts to know exactly what you weigh so that you can stay healthy. Bathroom scales that keep a record of your weight can become an integral part of your weight control program as they help you stay on track before you go too far astray. We carry many different types of digital and analog scales, including smaller ones you can use to weigh your baby or weigh packages to mail. Our full-size bathroom scales can help you stay fit. Some are bilingual talking scales, which is helpful in case you cannot view the readout. We have lighted scales, extra large scales and balance beam scales that provide weight readings up to 330 pounds. If you wish to have a famous brand, try our Conair Weight Watchers scales or the Biggest Loser bath scale.

Burning candles and potpourri are good ways to freshen up stale air and remove odors. Our air fresheners allow you to add a refreshing scent or a specific fragrance to any room at home or in the office. Use your choice of sprays, gels, solids or candle air fresheners. Sprays can remove odors quickly from a targeted area while air fresheners like lighted candles or potpourri distribute a scent into the air over time, and they will fill a room with a particular fragrance eventually. Many people enjoy using scented candles to enhance their living space or set a mood. Continuous release fragrances help to maintain freshness over a longer period of time. We also have air fresheners that contain disinfectants to fight the spread of germs inside rooms. Air freshener products from Sears are a simple way to create a mood, remove odors or fight germs.

Other products you should use at home are sets of our spa slippers. Put these on before or after your home spa experience to protect your feet and keep them cozy. There are open styles for applying nail polish or doing your pedicures. Get disposable ones so that your guests can also enjoy a simulated spa lifestyle when they visit your home. We stock slip-in, open-toe and thong-style slippers, overnight softening socks, and robes to match. In addition to spa slippers, Sears carries many bathing gloves and hand mitts.

Make some small additions to your bathroom to get ready for an enjoyable spa experience at home. Wrap up in cuddly bath robes, use our bathroom scales for weight control, put on your spa slippers and enjoy lightly scented air freshener products that set the scene for relaxation. Pick up orders at Sears, or allow us to deliver everything to your home or business.



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