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Find in-line skates for every member of your family

In-line roller skating is an easy way to get exercise and have fun while doing it. At Sears, you'll be able to find several styles and brands of roller skates, including in-line skates. Check out our roller derby blades for indoor rink use, street blades for hockey or skate park tricks and recreational skates for all-purpose use. We've got the perfect skate for every member of your family, adults and youth sizes alike.

Street blades don't have breaks and have a similar boot to a hockey skate. These roller blades are perfect for playing a pickup game of street hockey with the kids on the block or practicing your shot before an ice hockey game. The athletic style of street blades is also great for skate park antics. Like skateboards, street blades can be used for riding ramps, rails and doing 360's in the air. One reason to choose street in-line skates over recreational blades for skate park use has to do with tricks. The recreational skates' brake gets in the way when you go to do certain tricks. Finding the perfect pair for you or your child is easy; Sears has a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

While recreational skates may not be the best for skate park use, they're ideal for getting around town. Whether you're using them for exercise or for going from place to place, make sure to wear your in-line skating protective gear so that way you stay safe and injury-free. Sears has a huge selection to choose from so that buying a pair for your whole family is quick and easy. Once everyone has a pair, make it a family bonding experience. Spend quiet afternoon's rollerblading around town, these are the memories that you and your family will always remember.

Indoor derby skates have wide wheels for maximum stability. These skates aren't meant for speed, they're meant for fun. On a rainy day, take your kids to the local roller rink for some four-wheeled entertainment. Whether the rink is channeling the 70's with some disco music and mirror ball or bumping modern jams, kids will have a blast grooving to the music while they skate. Sears has roller derby skates and in-line skating accessories to fill your rainy day with an exciting trip to the roller rink.

Roller blading is a great way to bring the family together. Sears offers many styles of skates for everyone in your family. From skate parks to roller rinks and all the places in between, find the perfect pair for all the members in your family.



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