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      Kids love to pretend with their kitchen playsets from Sears

      Watch your children play for hours pretending they are running their own household with kitchen playsets and other housekeeping toys. Kids love to imitate adults when they have their own tot-sized playsets. At Sears, we have a large selection of role-playing toys, including play food and dishes, tea sets and toy appliances. With some of these kitchen toys, kids can even make real treats like cupcakes.

      Preschoolers are busy little people who love to play pretend. Help develop their imaginations and creativity by giving them realistic kitchen and housekeeping toys. Find dishes, pots, pans and utensils that look so authentic it is easy for kids to pretend they are real. Other preschool toys that will help kids learn and grow include simple games that help develop memory skills, vocabulary and counting skills.

      Playsets are great for helping children learn about cooking, cleaning and foods. Find many role-playing toys that help kids learn about household tasks they will be doing someday when they grow up. A wheeled tea cart filled with toy dishes can be used for their make-believe parties. Kids can dress themselves up with the many styles of pretend jewelry to look just like moms, who knows they may even start cleaning the house for you. All of our toys for children are made by manufacturers you trust, so you know the toys are safe and durable.

      Children are good at making up pretend play friends if they happen to be alone. When they are playing with their kitchen appliances and play food, little ones can get ready for a play party with all their doll friends. We carry child-sized picnic benches or tables and chairs, dishes and utensils and there will be plenty of room to seat several of their real friends or interactive toy dolls. Kids love playing tea time and serving up some imaginary tea.

      Keep your kids interested in creative playthings when you shop at Sears. Our selection of toys for kids includes many educational items that will help them learn to socialize, memory skills and basic educational lessons. Find plastic and wooden kitchen playsets to keep your little ones entertained and busy in their own world.


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