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Pick up speed on a new sled

Sleds come in many styles, from a metal saucer to a multi-person plastic sleigh. To find the right one, you must know what you want in a sled. If you're looking for speed, choose a metal saucer. For some fun in the snow, go with a long sleigh. To push little kids around in the snow, choose a toddler pull-sled; these replace strollers easily and are great for quick rides down the bunny hill. Find the perfect sled for you and your buddies at Sears.

Saucers usually come in two different materials, either metal or plastic. Metal picks up speed quickly for a thrilling ride down the hill. Plastic is also fast, but like snow tubes, it speeds up with more weight. Saucers are a ton of fun for a solo ride, but unless you have multiple connectable saucer sleds, then you can't ride the same sled with your friends. These sleds are great for racing your buddies down a hill. With the aerodynamic advantage of a saucer, you'll be king of the hill in no time.

If you're more interested in group fun than being the fastest person on the hill, choose connectable or multi-person sleds. Sears has saucers that link up and include handles to help you steer down the hill. Other multi-seat sleds are long and skinny so that two or three people can comfortably fit. Sliding down the hill with your best friends provides fits of giggles and fun for hours. Once you've exhausted the hill, build forts with winter toys and have a snowball fight until the sun sets.

Outdoor equipment like ice skates and sleds are a ton of fun to use, but they become tiring after a few hours. On snow days, it's smart to have both an indoor and outdoor activity planned. Sears sells sled bundles so that you have multiple options when it comes to entertainment. Find bundles with board games or that include shovels so that you can pile the snow into jumps and ramps. Sears has all the sled and accessories to go along with it, so you can take advantage of the winter wonderland outside.

There are so many sleds to choose from; they come in different shapes and materials, and fit every snow-lover's needs. Sears has saucers, multi-person sleds and sleighs to fit just you or a small group of your friends. Race to the finish line to become king of the hill on the next snow day.



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