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Sleep better tonight on new bed pillows

Get a better sleep tonight on new bed pillows from Sears. We have hundreds of pillows filled with durable and comfortable materials, including new memory foam. Bed pillows can make a world of difference in your ability to get a full night of sleep, without tossing and turning. Proper support is what makes the difference; try a new pillow and find out tonight.

Once you have decided on getting new pillows from Sears, check out our pillow covers. If you have any allergies, Fresh Ideas has an anti-microbial poly/cotton pillow protector that could be helpful. Quilted pillow covers give you multiple little pillowed surfaces for extra comfort. For superior smoothness and elegance, take home SCALA 800 Thread Count Egyptian cotton pillowcases. Higher thread count makes cotton feel smooth as silk or satin. If you want real satin pillow covers, Sears has them in leopard print and other designs and colors. Like furry comfort? Try our body pillows that are covered in plush faux fur. Use pillow covers regularly to extend the lifetime of your pillows and to protect them. Removable covers are good also, because freshly washed pillow covers are always a delight to sleep on.

Go beyond pillows for extra sleep comfort and order pillowtop mattresses from Sears. These are topped with a soft layer of extra padding or foam to cushion the curves of your body. This helps to allow your body to relax but also keeps the spine and neck in alignment. You sleep better and wake up refreshed and rested because without pressure points, you do not toss and turn all night trying to get more comfortable. We have top quality mattresses made by industry leaders like Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Stearns and Foster. These durable mattresses will give you long years of superb sleep comfort, and you will truly enjoy having the extra pillowtop surface to cuddle into at night.

When you place your new pillows on one of our new plush mattresses, you should have hours of relaxing comfort that is like sleeping on a cloud. Add your satin-covered pillows or furry body pillow to a plush mattress set from Sears and go to sleep without a care. Plush mattresses are extra deep, so you have a little more height to your whole set. With modern technology, you can select a mattress that is plush, but also provides firm support. You get elimination of pressure points due to the plush layers placed on top of a firm set of inner springs. Our long-lasting plush mattress sets are made from modern luxury materials that breathe, so your sleeping surface remains cooler.

Create a better sleep environment today by selecting new bed pillows from Sears. Add pillow covers for extra comfort and to protect your pillows. We have hundreds of bed pillows, mattress sets and other sleep accessories to enhance your precious sleep time at Sears. Get your new bedding delivered, or pick up orders at your nearest Sears.


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