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      Door hardware improves your door's functionality

      Transform your plain door into a multipurpose door when you add door hardware from Bobrick and Bradley. Sears carries a lineup of door hardware and accessories to convert your door into a coat rack and a shelving system. Mount a Baldwin Richland towel ring to your bathroom door, and install the Bradley hat and coat rack for your outerwear. For small bathrooms, mount the Bobrick toilet tissue dispenser to the door, and prevent a door from closing shut with the National satin chrome doorstop.

      When moving items from room to room, use carts with heavy-duty casters from Shepherd and Best Choice. Whereas some casters fit to the bottom of a cart with nuts and bolts, Shepherd appliance casters screw in easily to move your appliance from place to place. Appliance rollers also come in handy for moving larger appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Install new heavy-duty rigid casters to your cargo container, and fit your food serving equipment with Mintcraft swivel casters. Each caster has a brake to ensure that the cart stays where you want it. Whether you need to move furniture or appliances, find reliable casters that improve your mobility when transporting your belongings.

      While you can improve your door with racks and shelves, you can also improve your closet with Closetmaid and Stanley closet hardware. Create a convenient wall space for your accessories with the Closetmaid all-purpose organizer shelf. Invest in multiple closet rods for additional hanging space for your clothing. Increase your closet floor space with a Closet organizer for your shoes, and complement the look with a Closetmaid wall organizer for your accessories. From clothing dowels to HomeBasix storage cubes, use closet hardware to increase the space in your walk-in closet.

      Anytime you plan to hang a wall shelf or a rack, you should use cordless handheld power tools to get the job done quickly. Tighten screws more easily with a Craftsman cordless screwdriver, and cut dowels to fit precisely where you want them with a cordless DeWalt circular saw. Cordless power tools feature rechargeable batteries that hold a single charge for hours, giving you plenty of time to complete multiple remodeling projects. Unlike corded models, you never have to worry about a cord getting in your way as you work. With variable speed settings and an assortment of blades and bits to choose from, you can go from drilling to cutting in a matter of seconds with a cordless power tool.

      Invest in door hardware such as racks and shelves to maximize the space in your room. Consider shoe organizers and other closet hardware to organize your closet more efficiently, and use cordless power tools to speed up your workflow. Shop online at Sears for the best selection of power tools and home hardware for your DIY projects.


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