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      Stay in the race with remote control cars

      If you surveyed virtually any group of kids, they'd probably say that, after video games, remote control cars are some of the coolest possible toys. Pushing baby toys around the kitchen is fun for the little ones, and the cars on tracks are great for toddlers, but once kids have the ability to manipulate controls, they envy the remote control cars they see on television commercials. After all, it's easy to fall in love with their independence, speed, power and pinpoint handling, not to mention the outrageous designs and how much fun it is to run remote control car races. You can count on Sears for truckloads full of radio-controlled beauties, from police cruisers to race cars and other off-road vehicles, such as monster trucks and transforming cars.

      Although many kids like their cars with gizmos and gadgetry, including working lights, horns, wings and sound effects, we find that replicas of classic racing cars are the most popular category here at Sears. Nothing could be more natural than the transition from remote control cars to collectible cars. The interests dovetail. Folks who enjoy the hobby-grade remote control cars for which we have upgrade parts and modification kits tend to drive over to the automotive collectibles, too. Then again, almost everyone appreciates the sheer joy of a wheelie pop, whether by a toddler toy or realistic scale RC model.

      Next time you're outdoor tailgating with friends, bring along a remote control car or, better yet, two or more. A good race against your buddies can get the competitive juices flowing, and make sure everybody's pumped for the game. Sears has a fantastic selection of remote control racecars for kids of every age, and that includes their moms and dads. Once everyone selects a vehicle, from Formula One-styled cars to the hottest stock cars, they're off to the races. You can draw lines on the pavement and drag race through the parking lot or run multi-lap races around designated spots.

      Once the radio control bug bites you, it's hard to stop with just cars and trucks. Many folks diversify their hobby by launching remote control boats. Kids have just as much fun with boats as cars. Next time you head for a park with pavement as well as a lake, pond or calm river, pack all the RC gear, including the cars and remote control boats. Toy boats and cars always attract an audience at the park; they are great icebreakers. Kids with a transmitter find it easy to make new friends if they are willing to show someone else the ropes of wireless racing and navigation.

      Here at Sears, we satisfy everyone's need for power, speed and healthy competition. When the family all gets involved with remote control cars and boats, they not only share quality time, they have trunk loads of fun while doing it. When shopping for cars, you can trust Sears to be your remote control car showroom. We can put you in a remote control car today, and you won't have to deal with any tricky car salespeople to get a better price. Sears deals are great every day.


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