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      Fasten almost anything with staple guns

      Light-duty and all-purpose staple guns from Craftsman and Arrow work well for crafts, insulation and weatherstripping. Heavy-duty guns are a better choice for carpeting, upholstery and plywood. We carry affordable staple guns for occasional use and contractor-grade models from Craftsman Pro, Esselte and Stanley. Most are hand tools though a few pneumatic staple guns are available. You may want a heavy-duty gun for firing longer staples into studs or subflooring. We have boxes of staples in all sizes from leading brands like Porter-Cable, Arrow and Duo-Fast.

      If it's too thick to staple, then you can fasten it with nails and hammers from Sears. For framing and general purpose, straight or curved claw hammers are the most versatile. Contractors will appreciate high-quality claw hammers from Estwing, Plumb and Dead On. They're available from 12 oz. to 20 oz. and feature handles in your choice of fiberglass, steel or graphite. For demolition jobs, we stock sledgehammers from Nupla Blacksmiths, Armstrong Tools and Union Tools in weights up to 12 lbs. Standard handles give you more swing power while short handles are ideal where space is limited. Beefy engineer hammers are tough enough to be used in the mechanic shop or in masonry work. For finish carpentry, plastic-tipped hammers will not mar soft wood surfaces. We also have a great selection of tack hammers, ballpeen hammers and rubber mallets.

      Your sheet metal project will go smoother with riveters from Sears. Manual riveters from Dritz and Press N Snap are affordable, and they can drive metal or plastic rivets. Powered riveters are available from Astro Pneumatic and Dent-Fix. We have high quality plastic and steel rivets from Marson, Allstar and Arrow Fastener in all the sizes you need to complete the work.

      We carry wood chisels for general carpentry and fine woodworking. Removing material for hinges or for notched fits can be done with a set of wood chisels from Craftsman or Olympia Tools. The sets have chisels from 1/4 in. to 1 1/2 in. Speedhex makes sets that include just one handle for use with all the chisel blades. For fine woodworking projects, the Robert Sorby six-piece wood carving set will deliver high quality and performance. A set of Sorby micro carving wood chisels is ideal for smaller projects. Sorby and Footprint Tools make chisels with polished hardwood handles that give them an antique look and feel.

      Our huge selection of hand tools is sure to have what you want for the project that you have in mind. Here at Sears, you can place an order for prompt delivery or come to one of our stores to pick up your item.


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