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      Whenever improvements in home security and safety are desired, check all the door locks and hardware.Locks are a first line of defense against unwanted entry into a building. If someone purchases a home, they may want to change all the exterior door locks as a precaution. No one knows how many other people may have had access to a home that has been previously owned.

      Changing locks is relatively easy for most styles of ordinary door locks. Re-keying a lock is another job that can be done by a home handyperson. There are plenty of replacement locks and re-keying kits available from reliable lock companies like Kwikset, Guardian, Schlage, Trademark and others. Advanced security locks may require some drilling or other mechanical work to achieve installation. A do-it-yourselfer usually enjoys a little challenge; upgrading door locks and hardware may be such a challenge.

      Adding a deadbolt lock like those made by Kwikset and others requires use of a hole saw. Again, a talented home owner can even do this without much trouble. Additional door locks and hardware are an excellent investment in home security and safety. A simple slide lock on the outside of a bathroom door can prevent a toddler from entering the bathroom and potentially falling into the toilet.

      Other door hardware that contributes to home safety includes the numerals that are placed upon a door or mailbox to help identify the property in case of an emergency. Numbers should be large enough and selected in a contrasting color to the background. The numbers should be highly visible from the street. Doorstops prevent door handles from punching a hole in the wall if the door is opened too far or too hard.

      Another nice piece of hardware to have by entry doors is a lighted doorbell button. These make finding the doorbell in the dark easier, and many are available in special decorative styles. Doorknockers give home owners another chance to be creative; many doorknockers are decorative as well as useful. Sliding doors require special locking devices. Some Trademark patio door locks have easy foot control operation to add security to large sliding doors. A sliding door security bar may also contain an audio alarm system that can be set for either a siren or barking dog sound.

      Every door has hardware; most have door knobs and many have locks. Increase security, safety and peace of mind by changing or re-keying locks on any building. To view locks and hardware for every type of door, see the Sears Tools, Home Security and Safety, Door Locks and Hardware catalog today.


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