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Find outdoor survival equipment for your camping trip

Whether you hunt or hike, you need outdoor survival equipment for added protection against wildlife and nature. Sears offers a complete inventory of outdoor safety and survival gear from first aid kits to rescue knives. Have what you need in case of an accident with Adventure Medical S.O.L. first aid kits, and gather wood or protect yourself with the Whetstone Cutlery all-purpose camping axe. We have 3,000-strike fire starters from Light My Fire, and you can treat rainwater before you drink it with Portable Aqua water-treatment tablets.

In addition to survival equipment, you need camping dishes for cooking and serving your food. Invest in a Texsport 7-piece Kangaroo cook set, which features durable pots and pans with non-stick interiors and heat-treated exterior finishes. Cook your day's catch on a Texsport heavy-duty swivel grill, and serve it on GSI Outdoors Cascadian plates and bowls. Get all of the utensils you need in one device with the Texsport stainless steel chow kit. It features a spoon, a fork and a knife, and it comes with a carrying case.

Enjoy your camping trip even more when you use metal detectors to find treasure along your hike. Look for ancient coins and lost jewelry with the Teknetics T2 metal detector. Its sensor picks up metal objects that rest 15 inches below the ground. We have Minelab CTX metal detectors with GPS and LCD screens that display your findings before you start to dig. Some metal detectors include different modes for locating specific metals, and we have Bounty Hunter metal detectors with arm supports that offer more comfort and support when you plan to look for buried treasure for hours.

Whether you need to store your buried treasure or survival gear, carry your items with you in waist packs from Everest and Paqlite. You don't always need your backpack when roaming around the campsite, so a waist pack comes in handy for carrying your knives, multi-tools and smaller survival items with you. We have Everest waist packs, which feature multiple pockets for separating your wallet and personal items from tools and camping gear. In addition to waist packs, we have Paqlite Crosspaqs that distribute the weight of your gear across your upper body. A Crosspaq also has multiple pockets for carrying sunglasses, cell phones and survival gear around the campsite.

Protect yourself from the forces of nature with outdoor survival equipment, and carry your gear with you at all times with crossovers and waist packs. Cook the day's catch with cast iron pots and pans, and find buried treasure during the hike with Bounty Hunter metal detectors. Browse the Sears online inventory for even more camping and hiking equipment and supplies for your trip.



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