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      Specialty automotive tools make repairs a snap

      What do brake set modules, cooling system pressure testers and screwdriver sets have in common? They are specialty automotive tools that make repairs in your garage a snap. There is no need to pay a mechanic for the types of tasks you can perform yourself at home in the garage. Of course, you need the right tools to properly fix or maintain the car the first time around. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make do with outdated and improper tools that you attempt to nevertheless use for the tasks at hand.

      Investing in specialty tools also makes fact-finding a lot easier. After all, when you use a lighted inspection mirror to check the underside of your engine compartment, you will have an easier time noticing any missing screws. Replicating this task with a handheld mirror and flashlight is not nearly as effective. Once you know what problems you need to fix, turn to automotive repair manuals for a better understanding of the affected systems.

      Specific to the make and model year of your car, these manuals detail the inner workings of the chassis, electrical system and engine. Oftentimes these manuals also highlight the variety of important maintenance tasks that keep your particular vehicle running well. When you determine the type of repair that is in order, check to see if there are auto body repair supplies that could come in handy while working on the vehicle.

      For example, a socket set is instrumental in a large number of repairs. Whether you deal with engine parts or headlights, having the right socket to work with makes a big difference. A soldering iron helps with smaller repairs in and around the engine as well as some exterior jobs. Of course, the ultimate auto body repair kit contains filler and a set of spreaders that make the application of this substance quick and easy. In the aftermath of a minor fender-bender, rely on the filler to fix unsightly scrapes.

      To get underneath the car in comfort, count on creepers. A 40-inch model features durable frame construction and is sufficiently large to accommodate the average hobbyist who is ready to take on some work underneath the vehicle. Pneumatic rollers eliminate jerky movements and allow for smooth gliding. A creeper seat adds comfort to the kinds of repairs you can do while sitting or kneeling. High-quality creepers feature a coating that resists oil stains and rust.

      Sears carries a wide variety of specialty automotive tools, automotive repair manuals, auto body repair supplies and creepers. Set up your garage for the majority of the basic car maintenance and repair tasks you will likely encounter while owning your vehicle. Purchase a collection of specialty automotive tools and assorted support supplies today. By the end of the day, your will have a garage that is ready for any type of do-it-yourself automotive emergency.


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