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      Reduce workbench clutter with middle tool chests

      Middle tool chests provide convenient places to store and organize your tools and accessories on a workbench. Sears has a complete lineup of heavy-duty middle chests from Craftsman and Viper Tool Storage that support over 400 pounds of tools and supplies. A middle chest also works great when stacked between a rollaway chest and a top chest. It features individual drawers that slide in and out easily, and you can use the top surface for organizing other tools or for use with a top chest.

      Like a middle tool chest, a toolbox comes in handy for storing tools in the workshop. It also provides a portable alternative for carrying your tools with you to and from the job site. Craftsman and Trademark Tools offer a vast selection of portable toolboxes that feature top interior storage space and single drawers for storing tool bits and accessories. The Craftsman 4-drawer portable toolbox features a cover hinge that prevents the lid from closing as you access your tools. Most toolboxes also have locking mechanisms to protect your tools from theft when you're away.

      Side chests complement middle tool chests, and they give you an extra space to store tools and supplies. Side tool chests also feature tiered drawers that offer more storage space as you work your way toward the bottom of the chest. Craftsman 6-drawer GRIPLATCH side chests include secured drawers that stay in place even if you tilt the units from side to side. Side chests also have locking mechanisms to protect your valuable tools from unauthorized access. We also have side lockers available with sliding drawers, shelves and theft-proof locking systems.

      You can improve your storage space even more with tool storage accessories from Craftsman and Custom Leathercraft. Keep your wrenches, screwdrivers and sockets neat and organized with a Craftsman foam drawer organizer. Non-slip drawer liners prevent your tools from slipping every time you open a drawer, and 3-piece socket racks hold all of your sockets, keeping your workspace neat and in order. We also have drawer organizers that separate your bits, screws and bolts in individual sections. Keep all of your wrenches together with the Craftsman wrench roll-up pouch, and attach a plastic side shelf to your middle tool chest for added storage space.

      Place a middle tool chest on your workbench or atop a rollaway chest to store and organize your tools and accessories. A portable toolbox makes it easy to transport your important tools with you to the job site, and side chests offer extra storage space in your home garage or professional workshop. Visit Sears online or at the store for even more affordable power tools and tool storage accessories.


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