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Keep tidy with kitchen trash cans

Kitchen trash cans of the past were all very much the same, but these days, you have much more variety. Modern products often have airtight lids with the most advanced types utilizing sensors for opening. Compactors are alternatives to regular trash cans. Compactors compress garbage, allowing fewer trips to the outside bin. A compactor is a good choice for households that produce large amounts of trash.

Sears has kitchen trash cans and trash compactors from leading manufacturers and for every budget. Trash cans come in a variety of sizes and colors. Construction materials include metal, plastic and even wood. An unusual option is the White Oak Whiskey Barrel Trash Can. Made from an actual whiskey barrel, this product stands 35" tall with a 23" diameter at the center. The barrel has a plastic liner that you can easily lift out for emptying. Alternatively, you can attach a garbage bag to the liner. The barrel trash can comes with a rope handle lid.

A more conventional option is the iTouchless Stainless Steel 23-gallon Trash Can by Office by O. The item comes equipped with an infrared sensor system that automatically opens the lid when you are in close proximity. The sensor allows you to avoid any germs that may be present on the lid. The iTouchless also features buttons for manual operation as a backup or alternative to the sensor system. When you move your hand away from the lid, the lid closes automatically after three seconds. The system also has countermeasures against accidental opening.

The iTouchless 13-gallon Deodorizer Filtered Sensor Trash Can has a wide opening for handling large pieces of trash. The product features a special 3D carbon filter gate that works with a deodorizer to control odors. The deodorizer lasts for three months before requiring replacement. The can opens automatically when it senses your hand near the lid through advanced heat detection technology. The product comes with a supply of carbon deodorizer, and Sears offers refills separately. The iTouchless Deodorizer trash can is a great product if you want a system that keeps the kitchen smelling fresh and that eliminates cross-contamination from germs.

Sears has a great lineup of kitchen trash cans and trash compactors along with related items like compactor accessories. We offer free surface delivery on many orders, and you can also pick them up free at our stores. To find what you need, use the options on the left sidebar to narrow down the number of items listed. You can also contact us for help in finding the right product. On each item page, you will find links for live online chat and for phone assistance. At the bottom of the page, you can compare each item with other similar products that we offer. We carry leading trash can brands like Simplehuman, Cuisinart and Safeco. Shop Sears now to find the perfect trash can for your kitchen.


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