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      Adorn your home with seasonal decor

      Decorating for the winter season is more than just Christmas accents and other holiday favorites. You can choose color schemes and items that will look beautiful all winter long to brighten the dark evenings. With well-lit seasonal decorations, your home will be a cozy winter escape from the cold. Sears offers a variety of stylish seasonal items and winter decorations to bust those blustery blues.

      Stockings and other holiday accessories are more than just Christmas decor. They add a stylish touch to your mantle or wall, depending on where you've hung them. Look for stockings with snowflake themes or snowmen faces to create a seasonal look that can decorate your home throughout the winter months. Candles, garland and other decorative accents are the perfect for family rooms, living rooms and dens where your family gathers for holiday events and relaxation time. Curl up around the fireplace and read traditional tales of holiday magic or watch your favorite Christmas movie on TV with the glow of candles illuminating the room.

      Tree accessories like stands and skirts are necessary, but chic, add-ons for your Christmas tree. A reliable and sturdy tree stand is designed to hold your tree up while allowing it to move for easy decorating. While you can design a gorgeous tree with bright lighting, colorful garland and beloved ornaments, the tree skirt can make your tree stand out in any room. You can choose various colors and designs to complement the rest of your tree decorations.

      Winter decorations allow you to keep your accents up for several months, whether you opt for the natural look of greenery or a winter wonderland look with snowmen, snowflakes and pastel blues. Beautiful wreaths and garland can bring the outdoors inside while you stay cozy on the couch. You'll love the variety of designs that are available to create a stunning home decor statement in your house. The ideal accents for kitchens and bathrooms, these seasonal decorations are perfect for a classic and tasteful look.

      Decorating your home for every season can be a great way to change up your home decor every few months. With winter decorations from Sears, you can enjoy the holiday season with festive accents that are ideal for winter, even after Christmas is over. From snowflakes and snowmen to greenery and pinecones, seasonal decor can give every room in your house the makeover it deserves.


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