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Trolling motors help you catch your favorite fish

Trolling motors run at low speeds to allow you to fish effectively without disturbing your prey. Sears sells trolling motors for rear and front installation. A range of motor capacities is available to suit the type of fishing you do. You'll find the features that will improve your fishing when you browse our large collection of trolling motors.

When shopping for a trolling motor the first thing you have to decide is whether you want to put it in the rear or front of the boat. Bow motors, in the front of the boat, give you solid control over where you're going. They pull you through the water versus pushing you, which makes a difference for accuracy and velocity. With rear or transom motors, there's no need to install heavy mounting pieces, which is great if you own multiple fishing boats. These motors transfer from boat to boat easily. Transom works best on canoes and other small boats that are easier to push along the current. When it comes to marine electronics and motors, Sears has what you're looking for.

The difference between hand and foot control seems obvious, but there is more to the decision than deciding what limb you want to use. Sears has a huge selection of both hand and foot trolling motors to choose from. These boating accessories have different advantages. Choose a foot control if you want a hands-free, cordless option and the freedom to use it from anywhere in the boat. Pick the hand control if you enjoy being able to move quickly and don't mind always having one hand on the motor. Both are great options, so you need to decide based on the body of water and personal preference.

A downrigger is another great option for people who already have trolling motors. Sears has downriggers that help bring the bait to the bottom of the water so that you can troll deeper. These devices are good for Pike, Walleye and other species that live deep down. Once the fish has taken a bite the downrigger lets go so that the fisherman has complete control of reeling it in. Now that you have all the trolling accessories, all you need is fishing apparel and you're ready for a day on the water.

Trolling motors are an important accessory for any fisherman. Pick up one today to help increase the amount of fish you catch. Sears has a vast selection of trolling motors, perfect for any boat. We'll help you make the most of your adventures on the water and with family.



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