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      Electric teapots allow you to make boiling water with a touch of a button

      Place a tea bag in your mug and pour boiling water heated in an electric tea kettle.. Choose between an iced tea maker, an electric teapot or a stove top kettle for your home when you shop at Sears. Whether you want to keep with a traditional stove top tea kettle or prefer the modern countertop electric heating element, you can find a tea kettle that fits your lifestyle.

      Traditional tea kettles sit on ranges and boils water from the stove's heat. Sears' selection includes colorful tea kettles or the classic stainless steel tea kettle to match your kitchen decor.

      Electric tea kettles keep your stovetop free of clutter, which is especially helpful for people with small kitchen spaces. Additionally, electric tea kettles can be cordless, so you can conveniently keep one on the table for tea parties and family events. Tea lovers know that the right kettle makes all the difference when it comes to the perfect cup of tea. Find your ideal tea kettle when you shop the selection at Sears.


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