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      Preserve, Patch and Protect with Driveway Coating

      Protect driveways and other surfaces with coatings that patch, preserve and help stop weather damage. Use driveway sealers to help stop erosion caused by wind, rain, snow and ice. Start with cleaners and patch any cracks or holes. Then, coat the entire surface to help stop expensive concrete or blacktop deterioration due to exposure to sun and bad weather. We have sprayers, brushes and all the tools needed to coat driveways, decks, roofing and other exterior surfaces that need protection. Decks receive a lot of use, and they are exposed to all seasons of weather. Our deck waterproofing products can help seal off cracks and prevent water from getting down into wooden parts. Preserve and protect flat exterior surfaces like decks, roofs and driveways with name brand supplies from Sears.

      For outdoor color and protection, we offer a wide range of exterior paint, supplies and equipment. Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spruce up buildings, decks and other outside structures. Oil paints, stains, latex paints and enamels produced for outdoor use are well worth the investment. Keep weather damage to a minimum when you use exterior paint products to protect your deck, garage, shed or house. Fight dirt, grime, wear and tear and other problems with high quality paint coatings. Buildings and decks will last longer and show less wear. We also carry other exterior paint products like flat white latex field marking paint, stains, drop cloths, brushes and rollers.

      There are many good ways to cut energy costs, such as installing weather stripping. Our reliable weather stripping products and sealers can repair tiny cracks before they become big problems. We have many other products that are needed to care for decks, walkways and exterior building surfaces. Plastic sheeting, sponge rubber tape, outlet and switch sealers can all help cut energy costs due to small leaks around windows, doors, vents or electrical outlets and switches. These helpful weather stripping and sealing products are very affordable and can save you on heating and air conditioning costs year-round. If you have a window air conditioner that remains installed in colder weather, you should use a good cover to help cut down energy losses around that unit. If you lack storm windows, we have storm window kits that contain all the pieces you need to cover and seal around windows in order to get the same effect. Use that kit outdoors or install indoor shrink window film to achieve a similar result. Caulking around window and door frames is another inexpensive fix to increase insulation effectiveness. We stock these items and many types of insulating tapes, including products made to work in extreme temperatures.

      From driveway coating materials to window and door insulation products like weather stripping tapes and films, we have what you need to cut energy costs any time of year. Seal out cold weather or keep your cool, air-conditioned air inside where you need it with easy-to-install products. You'll always find brand name products that do the jobs you need done right at Sears. Order for home or business delivery, or stop by to pick up your order at Sears.


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