"wen apex pro 12v lithium ion cordless drill driver with carry bag"

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      Save money with cordless power tool combos

      Instead of buying individual power tools, invest in cordless power tool combos to save money on the tools you need. Sears carries hundreds of name brand cordless power tool kits that include everything from reciprocating saws to fluorescent flashlights. Whether you prefer Craftsman or DeWalt, choose a combo kit that features 19.2-volt rechargeable batteries that hold a single charge for hours. With a Craftsman C3 4-piece combo kit, you receive a cordless drill, a circular saw and a handheld vacuum that you can use to cut through wood and clean up the mess.

      Even if the combo kit doesn't contain everything you need, we have various cordless power tools for all of your woodworking and metalworking projects. Unlike corded power tools, which use a long cord attached to an electrical outlet, cordless models give you total freedom of movement as you work. The powerful 19.2-volt batteries hold a charge for hours, and you can interchange the batteries with other similar cordless tools. Use a cordless impact hammer to install and remove bolts with ease and drill through the toughest materials with a Craftsman C3 cordless drill.

      From professional carpentry to at-home DIY projects, cordless glue guns come in handy for bonding wood and even steel. Before nailing two boards together, bond the surfaces with glue for a tighter fit. Depending on your project, you can use multipurpose, high-temperature and low-temperature glue sticks in most cordless glue guns. Low-temperature glue guns work best for fabric crafting projects, and Wagner heavy-duty heat guns work best for stripping paint and loosening bolts. Some glue guns feature variable nozzle sizes to accommodate both thin and thick glue applications.

      Complete your cordless power tool collection with cordless rotary tools from Craftsman and Dremel. If you work as a carpenter or an at-home woodworker, then you need a rotary tool and bits to carve and refine your woodworking projects. In addition to carving and refining edges, use the rotary tool to drill holes or to engrave patterns and names into your wood. Rotary tools also accept sharpening bits to refine your metal tools. Craftsman and Dremel rotary tools fit easily in your hands, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold the tools for long periods as you work.

      When you invest in cordless power tool combos, you receive the tools you need without breaking the bank. Complete your professional or at-home workshop with various power tools like cordless drills and impact hammers. Start and finish a crafting project easily with a cordless glue gun and use the cordless rotary tool to refine your wood projects. Shop Sears online for the largest inventory of professional cordless power tools and accessories for your home and workplace.


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