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      Sandpaper readies your wood for paint and stain

      When you want to smooth your wood's surface and grind away bumps and divots, you need sandpaper of various grits to finish the wood. Sears has an entire inventory dedicated to Craftsman super-fine and coarse sandpaper for manual sanding and for use with corded and cordless power sanders. You can even find sandpaper pads and kits to use with your cordless oscillating multi-tool. Select from sanding belts, sleeves and discs to smooth your wood's surface before you apply your favorite color of paint, stain or varnish.

      While you can use sandpaper to smooth the surface of wood, buffers prove beneficial for smoothing the surfaces of tile, stone and wood. With buffer accessories, you can go from buffing and polishing a wood floor to a marble floor with the change of a bonnet. Invest in lambswool and terrycloth bonnets depending on the surface you want to buff. Choose an entire Eastwood metal buffing and polishing kit for cleaning your metal surfaces and protecting them from rust and grime. From hardwood floors to marble countertops, we have buffing pads and brushes for your handheld and upright buffing machines.

      You benefit from having various shaper accessories in your workshop if you plan to create custom shapes or make intricate cuts in your wood. Like a router, the wood shaper cuts grooves and shapes in wood, but it offers more power and functionality when adding accessories like Freud carbide cutters and Woodstock spacers. Since a wood shaper provides more power at lower speeds, you get smoother results and more precise cuts than what a standard router can give you. You also have access to parts such as face mills and threading dies that fit most power shapers for your workshop.

      Tool blades wear down over time, so we have a complete selection of replacement tool blades for your cordless and corded power tools. Whether you have a Craftsman band saw or a DeWalt reciprocating saw, you can find the exact blade that features fine and jagged teeth for cutting through wood and steel. Get a sharper cut with replacement jigsaw blades for your woodworking shop, and prevent cracks that occur from using a dull blade when you use new Evolution blades for your tile saw. From cutoff saws to planers, you have what you need to replace your old blades and improve your cuts when working.

      Use coarse sandpaper for leveling bumps and divots, and use super-fine sandpaper to smooth the wood's surface before painting. Invest in buffer accessories like lambswool bonnets to bring out the shine in your tile and wood surfaces. Consider shaper accessories and tool blades to improve your woodworking skills. Turn to Sears for an affordable online inventory of name brand tools, parts and accessories for your professional and weekend DIY projects.


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