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      Organize Your Valuable Tools with Garage Tool Shelving

      Having the best tools does you no good if you cannot find them in the garage. You will find plenty of garage tool shelving and other excellent organizational solutions at Sears. We have top brand shelving by Craftsman and other manufacturers to fit all areas of the garage, including corners. Your tools will last longer and will always be ready for access with our handy steel storage racks and wood shelves, carts and bins, lockers and more. Storage hooks and hanging shelves make the most of ceiling and wall space that otherwise might go unused. Hang bicycles, mowers, garden tools and other important but awkward items up and out of the way. You'll have more floor space to use, and your tools and equipment will be stored safely off the floor and will be easy to locate when needed. All-purpose hooks are the right choice for bulky items like your mower. Pegboard hook sets hold smaller tools, and when you add small baskets, bins and specialty hooks, you have the perfect storage system for smaller items. Add a hanging drawer cabinet for really small pieces like nails and screws.

      Once your basic storage system is in place, you will want to add some wall storage accessories to the mix. Wall storage begins with the hooks, hangers and pegboard you place on walls. Try to keep related items in the same area, such as garden tools or automotive equipment. This organizational step helps when you need to find particular tools for each type of job. We have many options to add to your wall systems, from hooks and baskets to small tool bins and drawer cabinets. A workbench can be enhanced when you have the tools you need stored safely on the wall within easy reach. Use hook-on shelving, open metal baskets or tool holders, angle hooks and claw hooks to hold your tools and equipment. Another way to make use of handy pegboard storage is with our AlligatorBoard A-frame style tool cart on wheels. Stacking bins and tall door cabinets hold small and large items, respectively; some storage cabinets are lockable.

      Walls in the garage, basement or work room are just the right place to affix wall storage cabinets and organizers. Keep valuable tools and equipment safe, organized and ready to use when needed. Many have locks for added security and protection. Store cordless drills and other power tools safely away and reduce clutter in your work environment in order to make room for projects. Storage solutions from Craftsman, Gladiator and Viper Tool include cabinets you can fasten onto walls. Select open shelving cabinets or door cabinets with or without locks. Add a wall pegboard system for storing smaller items, stackable bins for bulkier equipment and a tool tower for rakes, shovels, brooms and other pieces of tall equipment.

      No item is too tall, heavy or bulky to get delivered from Sears. We have top brand-name solutions to solve any storage problem. Have your garage wall storage equipment delivered to your home or business or drop by any Sears if you wish to pick up your order in person.


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