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      Keep your holiday decor safe with Christmas storage bins

      When the holidays come to a close, it can be sad to box up all of your Christmas items for another year. You'll want to have the right containers to make storage easy, but you'll also want bins that protect your holiday collectibles and heirloom ornaments from damage. With colorful and reliable plastic storage containers for all of your Christmas decorations, they'll be protected throughout the year from potential damage.

      When you're shopping for Christmas storage bins, you want to find containers that make storing and using easy. Look for designs that offer reusable labeling systems that utilize dry-erase markers, so you can rearrange your storage each year. With lots of Christmas and seasonal decorations to keep organized, you want to be able to pull out items easily as you're ready to use them. To find your Christmas tree ornaments, lights and other decor with ease, look for holiday storage with clear windows so that you can glimpse into each bin. You'll be able to pull out exactly what you need when you need it.

      While your Christmas trees come in large cardboard boxes designed to fit your tree, you may want something that makes storage easier. You can find Christmas tree bags that will hold all the pieces of your artificial tree without the added bulk of a large, heavy box. These waterproof bags will also keep your tree free of moisture, protecting it until next year.

      For your extremely fragile Christmas decorations, whether you've got a Christmas village with porcelain pieces or delicate glass ornaments that need extra protection during storage, you can find the perfect container to keep them safe. Look for specialty holiday storage bins that offer individual slots for small and large ornaments and other collectibles. For heavier items, you'll want smaller containers so that you don't over-stuff the bins with heavy breakable sets. You'll also want to make sure that you're packing the containers with extra protectors like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

      You can find everything you need to keep all of your holiday decor in one place. With stackable boxes, organized dividers and other helpful containers, you'll have no problems storing everything at the end of the season and finding it at the beginning of next season. Look to Sears for all of your holiday storage needs and find everything you want and more.


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