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      Get creative with indoor Christmas decorations

      Revel in the beauty of the holiday season with indoor Christmas decor. With the cold winter nights, spend more time at home with the family. You can enjoy the festive look of holiday decorations without leaving your home by creating a winter wonderland inside every room of your house. From holiday village collectibles to unique accents, Sears has the indoor Christmas decorations that you desire.

      Christmas villages and other holiday collectibles are the perfect indoor decoration for any home. Place your village scene in one location or create small villages throughout your home. The kids will love watching the moving parts, lights and sounds that each village building adds to the set. Create a decorative space with holiday collectibles that make beautiful centerpieces or sit on shelves behind strands of garland.

      Light up your world with stunning Christmas decor and lighting that sets your home aglow with holiday cheer. Christmas lights in white, green, red, blue and multicolor can accentuate the other indoor decorations in your home. Create warm radiance with flickering candles in decorative candlesticks and votive holders. Your home should feel cozy and welcoming, and with stylish decor and the right lighting, every room in your home will be filled with seasonal joy. With indoor Christmas decorations that brighten each room, you'll want to stay in and enjoy every minute with your family.

      Decorating the interior of your home starts with the Christmas tree but stands out when you add elegant accents to traditional decor. After you've placed the last ornament on the tree, line the ceilings with garland and other holiday greenery, complete with red bows and golden jingle bells. Hang mistletoe in the doorway for a romantic and classic decoration. Adorn doorways with wreaths in different colors to match the theme of each room and create a homey atmosphere with silk Christmas flowers like poinsettias of varying colors. Finish your holiday look with bathroom and kitchen accents like towels, curtains and soap dispensers.

      You'll love the look of your new holiday decorations. When you're snuggled up by the fire enjoying the sanctuary of your warm home, you'll be thankful for the gorgeous decorations that brighten your living space. Sears has the indoor decor that can help create the perfect holiday haven in any room of your house.


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