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      Lighten the spirit with Christmas stuffed animals

      Christmas decor can come in all shapes and sizes, including stuffed animals and other plush Christmas toys. Whether you're looking for a gift for your little one or a decorative accent to add to your home, Sears has the stuffed toys that you're looking for this holiday season. You'll love the lighthearted atmosphere that a collection of stuffed animals can create in your home.

      Kids love stuffed animals, and when they're holiday-themed, they become even more lovable. When a special creature comes out of storage for just a few short months of the year, they become part of special events that kids remember fondly at the start of every holiday season. From the Elf on a Shelf to a stuffed teddy bear donning holiday gear, you can find the perfect family-friendly Christmas creatures for the holiday season. Let your children set up a miniature Christmas tree and other seasonal decor for their holiday friend so they can enjoy the joy of the season.

      In addition to memorable furry friends for children, Christmas stuffed animals can add to the seasonal joy in your home. Set a large stuffed moose in a Christmas costume on a rarely-used rocking chair in the family room or place a standing plush penguin a few feet away from the fireplace for a winter scene. Smaller stuffed creatures can rest on mantles and shelves with other decorative accents for a holiday style that can't be matched.

      If you're at teddy bear collector, you'll want to add to your collection each year with holiday-themed bears. Look for friendly bears in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that will match your decor or complete a set. Your holiday bears can sit lovingly under the tree or cuddle up on an unused bed in your home. You can help young collectors build a bear collection for the holidays through plush Christmas gifts each year. For a little extra fun, look for teddy bear-themed Christmas wrapping paper to package your gift.

      Your holiday will be brighter and more cheerful with a collection of snuggly Christmas-themed stuffed animals in your home. Whether they're for the kids or decor, Sears has a vast selection of the plush Christmas toys that you want. Design your holiday home with a touch of style and a touch of heart with stuffed animals and other Christmas collectibles.


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