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      Finish the look with a Christmas tree skirt

      Your Christmas tree decorating isn't complete until you've laid down a tree skirt around the base. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect tree skirt when you shop at Sears. Look for simple holiday colors or more decorative themed tree skirts to match your tree with ease.

      While your Christmas tree stand serves an incredibly important purpose, you don't want it visible underneath your beautifully decorated Christmas tree. If you have a live tree, the skirt will hide large, bulky tree stands full of water, and if you have an artificial tree, the skirt will hide the smaller metal stands. With an ornate or simple Christmas tree skirt, you'll be able to cover up any metal or plastic tree stand with ease, adding a look of class and elegance to your already stunning holiday tree.

      Elegant themed trees and heirloom family trees both have their place for the holidays. Whether you have just one tree or multiple trees with unique themes, you want to have a tree skirt that fits your personalized Christmas tree. If you have a family tree with homemade ornaments from the kids, gift ornaments and heirloom ornaments from your parents or grandparents, you want to have a skirt that represents your family. Choose an elegant red, green or white skirt for traditional holiday colors or a colorful Disney skirt for the kids. If you follow a thematic scheme for your tree, look for a variety of colors and styles designed to match your skirt. Find the perfect skirt for a fancy tree with specific colors or a unique tree with your favorite animals, cartoons or other special ornaments.

      Of course, a tree skirt is the perfect spot to place all of your Christmas presents once they're wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Whether you've got just a few presents under the tree, or it's overflowing with gifts, you'll want to have a tree skirt to protect your carpet or floor from excess glitter, tinsel and other trimmings from gifts and your tree. Some families even set up a Christmas village underneath the tree instead of presents. This is a really great option if you have multiple trees.

      When you shop at Sears, you can find all of the holiday items that you need to complete your decorating for the season. You'll love the collection of trees and accessories available. Look for the perfect tree skirt to add the finishing touches to all of your Christmas trees.


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