With deep roots in both religion and folklore, the tradition of giving Easter baskets remains as popular as ever. What better way to celebrate spring's promise of new life than by giving? You can light up the eyes of your little ones with a brightly colored basket chock full of goodies. Or you can borrow from Valentine's Day traditions and present an Easter basket full of gourmet treats to a significant other. Or build your own basket, with your choice of fillers. We cover all the bases at Sears.

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Get Stocked Up With the Perfect Easter Baskets for This Year

You need somewhere to put all of the wonderful treats of the Easter season, and Sears has plenty of Easter baskets to choose from. Pick one out for each member of your family, then take the time to assemble a personalized basket full of treats for each person. We have all sorts of baskets to choose from, including traditional wicker baskets, colored wicker baskets, cloth baskets, and even character baskets. Get a unified set for your family members or choose a unique basket for each person so they have something that reflects their own style and personality.

You may need a lot of Easter baskets if you are purchasing them for an event you're hosting or for a whole group of kids, whether for school, a party or church. Get an assortment of our baskets to let each person choose his or her favorite one, or purchase a set of identical baskets so nobody is fighting over who gets which basket. We have sets of baskets you can purchase, or of course you can always hand-pick individual baskets until you have enough. Remember that it never hurts to have a few extras on hand in case you have more people than expected.

Once you have your baskets picked out, it's time to fill them. Although you may have an Easter egg hunt later in the day, it's always fun to have a few goodies already in the baskets. Fill them with imitation grass, add some special treats, and don't forget cute and fuzzy Easter stuffed animals that kids are sure to love. If you need supplies for the Easter egg hunt, we can help with those too. Check out our selection of bulk candy to find your family's favorite treats to fill plastic Easter eggs.

If you would prefer to not assemble your own Easter baskets full of goodies, don't worry. We have plenty of options for gift baskets already packed with all of the treats your loved ones expect. Many of them are even themed with items related to a particular animal, color scheme or even a favorite popular character. These are perfect for shipping to grandkids or getting a last-minute gift that doesn't put any added strain on your already hectic life.

Of course, remember that Easter baskets aren't the only thing you can get to celebrate the season. You usually don't get out the baskets until the morning of Easter, so make sure you have other Easter decorations to bring in the season weeks ahead of time. Yard decorations help welcome in the first growth of spring, so get Easter flags or porch figurines. Wall hangings and small figures are perfect for decorating indoors.

Don't let Easter sneak up on you without being prepared for the festivities the season brings. From the Easter baskets themselves to all of the supplies to fill them, Sears has everything you need to get ready for Easter!


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