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      Stock up on Halloween supplies so you are prepared for any scares

      This Halloween, you won't get stuck with toilet paper in your tree; you'll be ready for anything with the perfect Halloween supplies for trick-or-treating and holiday soirees. You don't want to run to the store for a forgotten item when the party's and full swing, and you definitely don't want to incur the wrath of little ghouls and goblins by running out of candy. With a little careful planning, you can take care of trick-or-treaters, Halloween decorations and guests without missing a beat.

      Start with the supplies you need for your Halloween and outdoor fall decor. You will likely need tape or wire to affix all of your decorations to windows, walls and porch lamps. In addition, it doesn't hurt to have a few extra extension cords to power the lights or animatronic figures. If a groundhog happens to chew up a cord, it will mean one less errand if you already have a back-up in the garage. Some hanging decorations can get lost in a bad storm, so make sure you have a temporary storage bin to hold all of those items until the foul weather passes. Alternatively, keep a few extra decorations on hand for replacements. Don't forget about indoor fall decor as well; you'll want to have plenty of candles on hand for those long, dimly-lit nights.

      Even the best Halloween accessories won't save you if you aren't prepared for the rush of trick-or-treaters. Purchase a couple of large bowls so you don't have to waste time taking care of refills during the big rush. And, of course, stock up on plenty of candy. If you don't have a sweet tooth, you can always donate leftovers to charity, but it's really not practical to shut down the operation so you can run to the store for more. Plus a large and varied candy stash means that you can supplement the children's baskets after you comb through them for safety issues.

      Finally, you will need a few supplies to keep Halloween safe for your littlest ghouls and goblins. Make sure they have a sturdy bucket or bag that can hold candy without breaking or tearing. For safety after dark, make sure each child has a sturdy flashlight and add a little reflector tape to their costumes so that vehicles will see them as they cross the road. While the tape might not perfectly match each and every costume, it is well worth it for the extra visibility.

      Sears has all the supplies you need to help this Halloween go as smoothly as possible. Let us help you stock up on essentials such as pumpkin carving tools and wine bottle openers for parties, as well as all the trick-or-treat tools you need. Oh, and for the toilet paper in your tree? Don't worry, we have ladders and poles for that, too.



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